Ready! Aim! FIRE!

Powered by: Stanley Steemer, Monteith’s Best One Tire & Auto Care, White’s Flooring, Mediacom, More Farm Store, Aegis Dental Group, and Furniture Factory Outlet! 

How to Play: Be listening to 107.3 WRSW for your “Cue to Call.” When you hear it, be the 10th caller at (574) 268-1073. Provide a letter and number that corresponds to where you think a ship is anchored. If you hit a ship, you win a prize! If you miss, you’ll eligible to try again the next time we play!

What You Need: Print your own Battleship Game Board (below) and follow along. Be sure to mark off when you hear a hit or a miss on the air.


PRIZES: Chromebook Laptop, Backyard Hammock Set, Kitchen Stand Mixer, Instant Pot, GoPro Mini Cam, Luggage Set, Outdoor Sports Kit, ‘Battleship’ movie on BluRay with a BluRay Player, Facebook Portal Tablet, Brand New Weighted Blanket, Espresso Machine, Classic Rock Concert Mega Ticket, Classic Battleship Board Game, Portable Boom Box, Visit Indy Prize Pack, and Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Family Passes! *All prizes have been randomly assigned to each “Hit” on the Game Board* 


Game Rules:

(1) Ships will not be anchored diagonally.

(2) Ships will only be anchored up and down or left to right.

(3) Ship placement will not move throughout the game. Once a ship is sunk, it will not move and is no longer eligible for hits.

(4) In order to increase competition, the above Game Board will not be updated with hits/misses throughout the game, therefore you must be keeping track on your own.

(5) Players are ineligible for continued play once they make a hit and win a prize.

(6) If a player receives a “miss” during game play, they are immediately eligible to play again during the next round of game play.

(7) WRSW is not responsible for technical issues that may lead to dropped phone calls during game play or any other reason that may prohibit game play.

(8) All prizes have been randomly assigned to “hits” on the game board and are not eligible for trade or exchange.

(9) Contest will be played at random times Monday-Friday between 6:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. Phone number to call is (574) 268-1073. Contest will end when all ships have been sunk and all prizes have been awarded.

(10) Winners are responsible for any taxes and fees should a prize value exceed $599.

(11) Any guess that was previously revealed as a “hit” on air will be counted as a “miss” and the player will lose that round of the game.